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  • Aramith Fusion Table Stool - Multiple Color Options

  • $355.00 
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Now you can add stools to your fusion table! These stools are an excellent alternative to chairs because they match nicely with the table.  In addition, they can be stored underneath the table when it is being used for pool.

Stools are available in 3 color options: Black, Dark Brown, and Light Cream.

The fabric is a micro-fiber leather.

All stool frames are stainless steel or powder coated finish which also matches the design of the table.
Fusion Tables

Fusion Tables

Sleek European design
Integrate a steel Space-Frame to offer the strength and stability required to carry a top quality slate playing surface while keeping the sleek European look to a dining table is the challenge we succeeded with our protected Fusion design. Nothing lets anyone guess that in the only 4 ½” thick horizontal platform of the Fusion table hides a high quality slate pool table with all its accessories.

Patent pending pocket design
With most of its 4 ½” / 115 mm thickness being taken up by the top tablets, the rail height and the ¾” / 19 mm slate, a unique solution was created for the pockets. Using hi-tech nylon stretch cloth with memory, the patent pending pockets stretch out when they collect balls, and revert to their 1/8” / 3 mm thickness after the game.

Ready to play anytime
A practical solution was also required to store all table accessories like the cues, the triangle andthe balls. Using rigid table top panels, the void between the tops and the slate allows cues and racks to be stored. The lack of height forced a different solution for the balls. Rather than have to store these elsewhere, we wanted them being present on the table at all times. Unique patentpending Ball-Slides move above the pockets to allow balls to be stored above the stretch cloth. As such, all accessories are ready on the table at all times.

Patent pending Easy-Lift system
The optional spring assisted Easy-Lift system allows you to raise with few effort the Fusion table from standard 30” dining height to the optimal 33” playing height. The system requires no maintenance and has a patent pending auto-lock auto-level feature assuring perfect levelling, and maximum stability & steadiness to the Fusion table in its upper position.

Quick & easy installation
The unique steel easy-assembly Space-Frame allows the use of a one-piece ¾” monobed slate, which is delivered pre-fitted with Velocity PRO cloth matching the pre-fitted rails. As such, without any need to level a 3-pce slate or to fit the cloth on slate and rails, the easy & quick installation of the Fusion table is accessible to everyone.

Matching chairs
The Fusion tables also comes with trendy leather benches. Comfortable, they’re designed with a total height that is underneath the Fusion table’s playing height achieved with its optional lift system. Ready to play a game? Just remove the table tops, lift the table to its playing height, and slide the chairs against the table rim or the benches underneath, where they can’t bother you anymore

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Configure the Aramith Fusion Table Stool - Multiple Color Options

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Aramith Fusion Table Stool - Multiple Color Options

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