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  • Grand Champion Limited Edition Shuffleboard - Multiple Sizes and Options

  • $5,895.00 
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Champion Shuffleboard is proud to introduce the finest shuffleboard ever made. We have taken the beauty and quality of our Grand Champion model to the highest level and created the Grand Champion Limited Edition the model of detailed craftsmanship. This exceptional table offers the finest playfield made from solid Canadian maple. And it includes our famous "polymer" finish which never needs resurfacing. This is the same finish insisted upon by the pros for tournament play. The Grand Champion Limited Edition also utilizes the finest state-of-the-art electronics. With consistent high-quality craftsmanship and innovation, Champion remains the largest shuffleboard manufacturer in the world. All games are measured from ends of cradles.
The playfield is always 16" less than the overall length.


- Playfield Size: 3" thick x 20" wide
- Cradle Lengths: 12' - 22' (22' tournament size)
- Width: 31" without scoring unit; 36" with scoring unit
- Height: 30" to the top of the playfield
- Weight: 50 lbs per foot (approximately)

Standard Features:

- Maple inlays on sidewalls and legs
- Solid maple cradles and legs
- Polymer finish playfield (needs no resurfacing)
- Patented Handicap Scoring
- We can match any stain
- Brass or silver hardware

Optional Features:

- State-of-the-art electronics
- Set each game individually according to preferred time and money allotment
- Customize with your logo
- Lights
- Pingate - Cam driven, battery backup. Prevents free play
- Custom woods available
Champion Shuffleboard

Welcome to Champion Shuffleboard®

Champion is the #1 Shuffleboard Manufacturer in America and growing. Since 1988, Champion has been focused on the craft of building quality shuffleboard tables. They offer coin-operated and custom designed shuffleboard tables and games. Each table and playfield is built in-house to ensure Champion's high quality standards. Play Shuffleboard, it's fun!

There was a time when table shuffleboard games were loved only by the players, not operators, or location owners. The game was thought of as an "older persons game" or an "expensive bar table." However, times have changed! With the success of Sports Bars, Brewery Restaurants and Family Fun Centers, table shuffleboard has caught on with players of all ages. In addition, many shuffleboard players are putting these shuffleboards in their own homes. The games involve skill and, of course, a little luck.

Save valuable time and money
Champion Shuffleboard has made three major contributions to the shuffleboard industry. The first is the "Lifetime Polymer" finish. The 1/4" thick polymer coating is applied over the maple playing field. This polymer eliminates the need for sanding down and refinishing which can be a yearly headache with other styles of boards on the market. It saves the game owner valuable time and money which has in the past been spent on maintenance of the game. The "Lifetime Polymer" finish provides a fantastic playing surface which players have come to expect and is guaranteed for the life of the game board.

Enjoy a faster paced game
Champion's second contribution was their patented "Handicap Scoring." The traditional 1-2-3 scoring remains on Champion's games along with the 1-2-3-4 Handicap system. This is great for people who enjoy a faster paced game or when a novice is playing an experienced player. The novice uses the "Handicap Scoring" while the experienced player uses the traditional scoring, resulting in a more fair and challenging game. Either way the game is played, both the player and the game owner benefit from the "Handicap Scoring." More games can be played in a shorter amount of time and as we all know, the more games played, the more money that is made.

Players are cheered and jeered
The third contribution that Champion has made to the shuffleboard industry is their "Talking" scoring unit. Players are cheered and jeered on by amazing sound effects while the triangular design makes it possible for both scores to be seen from anywhere in the location. Players and bystanders enjoy this exclusive feature.

A great return on an investment
Unlike video games profits which start out high and then decrease, shuffleboards make more money the longer they are in a location. In an average location each game will collect $80.00 per week or $4123 for the year. That a great return on an investment!

Built for the buyer
Champion Shuffleboard manufactures most all of our products at their Richland Hills plant in Texas. Each board or game is custom built for the buyer who can choose from lengths of 12 to 22 feet and have the option to add your logo, and/or special stain. Champion Manufacturing will work with you, the customer, to design a board which best fits your specific needs.

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Configure the Grand Champion Limited Edition Shuffleboard - Multiple Sizes and Options

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Grand Champion Limited Edition Shuffleboard - Multiple Sizes and Options

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